Yida Xin


Curriculum Vitae



My research concerns building communicative AI systems that can communicate with us in natural languages.  I believe such systems are necessary for achieving AGI’s that we can trust, and in building such systems, we will inevitably need to better understand intelligence, especially human intelligence.  Currently, I am working on (a) building natural language processing subsystems that enable toy-story-understanding systems to begin to read natural-language stories, and (b) building cognitively inspired subsystems that learn to bootstrap commonsense knowledge from reading large bodies of texts in human-like ways.



In August of 2019, I presented at the Workshop on Story-Enabled Intelligence at the ACS conference.


As of fall of 2019, Dóra Erdős is trying out her new course, CS391 E1, Foundations of Data Science, for which I serve as teaching assistant.


In fall of 2018, I took CS585, Image and Video Computing with Margrit Betke.