Duy Nguyen


I am a student at Boston University. I am studying Computer Science and Linguistics


  • HappyTweet

    Finalist at HackBeanPot 2017. HappyTweet uses indico's API to get sentiment analyses of Twitter's stream over a region (cities, countries, etc.) and allow the user to compare the average sentiment of the tweets in a twitter handle with the average sentiment of the region.

  • Stuck

    Second place at BostonHacks Spring 2017. Stuck is a SMS portal that provide user the ability to access to various "internet convinience" like checking for weather, defining words, or searching yelp.

  • Werd

    Google Cloud award at HackHarvard 2017. Werd (pronounce "word!") is a web app that provides the context to the word used by showing clips from YouTube that have the word being spoken.

  • Mad Invest

    Cloudflare award at YHack 2017. Mad Invest is a Messenger chatbot that uses sentiment analyses from social media sources (Twitter, Reddit, etc.) to provide user with BitCoin investment advices.