Athanasios Filippidis

Graduate Student

Computer Science Department
Boston University


Hey, I am Athanasios Filippidis (my friends call me Thanasis), a graduate student currently pursuing my MSc degree in the Computer Science department of Boston University with a Cyber Security specialization. My interests are mainly in the domains of Cyber Security, Databases and Android Development. Currently, I am a Teaching Assistant for Professor's Christine Papadakis - Kanaris graduate course, CS 611: Object Oriented Software Principles and Design. I have also previously received my BSc in Informatics & Telecommunications from National Kapodistrian University of Athens. There, I have worked with Professors Alex Delis and Maria Roussou during my Thesis "CIR"; an Android application that can be used as Citizen-Government reporting tool for urban incidents. If you are interested in more of my projects you can take a look in my CV or my GitHub.

Since I am graduating this semester I am actively looking for graduate job positions. Feel free to reach out!

In my free time you will find me either trying to break a leg (literally) or pretending that I am a photographer. I also use to code in my free time, more on my GitHub!

Last update: September 2020