About Me

Hi, I’m Allison Mann. I’m a second year Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science at Boston University. I am a member of the Learning, Intelligence, and Signals Processing Group and I am working under the supervision of Dr. Peter Chin. I hold a Bachelor's degree in course 18C (Mathematics with Computer Science) from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. My main research interests are machine learning, artificial intelligence, and graph theory.

Before joining BU, I did computational linguistics research with the Speech Communications Group at MIT's Research Lab for Electronics. I also spent two years as an Associate Research Engineer at Systems and Technology Research, where I worked in the Intelligence Tools and Applications Group.


CS101 - Introduction to Computer Science (Perry Donham). Fall 2018. Teaching Fellow.

CS591 - Graph Theory for the Internet Age (Peter Chin). Summer 2019. Teaching Fellow.

CS111 - Introduction to Computer Science (Dave Sullivan). Fall 2019. Teaching Fellow.


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