The case of Tim McLean

A young man gets viscously attacked, decapitated, and cannibalized by a passanger while riding a Greyhound bus.

United States

The Case of JonBenèt Ramsey

An iconic case of child who was found dead in the basement of her family home just hours after being reported missing.


The case of Junko Furuta

A teenage girl was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered after 40 days of being held captive by fellow classmates.

  • Popularity

    The true crime genre has become increasingly popular as people get engaged into the mysteries of cases.

  • Psychologically

    Humans are naturally predisposed to be curious especially when it comes to probing the mind of murderers.

  • Media

    Cases exposed to the media are more likely to be solved due to pressure from the public forcing investigators to find answers.

Brief History

The origins of true crime:

investigators deciphering pictures

Around the 16th century, authors and printers produced a mass number of declarations reporting on capital crimes. Topical leaflets and pamphlets detailing horrific murders began to circulate among literate and semiliterate consumers. Yet pamphlets were not the only way of circulating crime stories, Ballads were also a common way of circulating news throughout cities and towns. Public trials also accounted for an increase in public interest in crime.