About Me.

Hello! I am Anish Patel, a 19-year old sophomore at Boston University in the 7-year Liberal Arts/Medical Education Program. I am originally from the small town of South Grafton, Massachusetts.



At Boston University, I am currently studying Medical Sciences with a minor in Economics. Medical Sciences is a unique major open only to the accelerated medical program students and focuses on giving an in depth understanding of the sciences to its students before matriculation into the medical school

Moreover, as an Economics student, I am interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the financial markets, the global economy, and more specifically, healthcare economics. As a future medical profession in the United States, I think it is essential to understand how the healthcare economy works.


As an Orthopedic Surgery Research Trainee at Brigham and Women's Hospital, I work under Dr. Shuanhu Zhou studying mesenchymal stem cells in mouse models. I am also studying the effects of alcoholism on osteoporosis and treatments that can be used to treat the condition or as preventative measures.


Currently, 1 review paper has been accepted for publication and should be published within the next month.

Aside from the review, I am working on contributing to the write up of other active studies including the body, data, and analysis of the results.


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