Anna Franklin

About Me
Name: Anna Franklin

Year: Class of 2023

Major: Biology with specialization in Cellular & Molecular Genetics

Short Bio

I was born in North Carolina but I grew up in South Shore Massachusetts. I lived in a very small town in MA that was all about sports, which was very fun. At BU, I am studying biology with a specialization in cellular and molecular genetics and I am also pre-med. I have hopes of becoming a doctor or working in drug discovery.

Activities and Interests

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BU American Lung Cancer Screening Initiative

BU ALSCI is a club at BU that focuses on spreading awareness to kids, adults, and other people about the risks of lung cancer and the importance of being screened often. I am a general member in this club and I really enjoy being a part of it. Last year, we came up with a curriculum for middle school and elementary school kids on the disparities of lung cancer screening.
A link to BU ALSCI


I used to do competitive dance at Boss Academy of Performing Arts for about 10 years. I did ballet, jazz, contemporary, and lyrical and did group dances and duets. I don't dance competitively anymore but I do recreational dance.
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Netflix is a streaming service that is very popular. I really enjoy watching netflix at night, my favorite TV show is Friends. My roommates and I just finished the 3rd season of "YOU" on Netflix.
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