Baiqi Jiang

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Name: Baiqi Jiang
Class Year: Class of 2021
Major: Biology

Short Bio

My name is Baiqi Jiang(English Name: Katz), from Chinese mainland. I'm a sophomore who is studying biology at Boston University for now.
It's a big challenge to learn biology here, but I really enjoy the process :)

Activities and Interests

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Playing the piano

The piano is a kind of musical instrument, through playing the key to make the sound with different tones and pitches. For me personally, playing the piano is one of my biggest interests. So far, I've been playing the piano for 17 years.
Here is a link to my favorite piano song: River Flows In You.

Microbiz Business Leaders Summit

Microbiz Business Leaders Summit is a competition held by a Chinese company to simulate business operation mode. Here, everyone will be randomly divided into a number of companies, and each plays a different department to run the company. I was the CEO of an international company in the competition in 2018.
Here is a link to the Microbiz website: Microbiz.

Listening to music

Listening to music is another interest of mine. It's a good way for me to relax, especially during the midterm. In addition, listening to some piano music before going to bed also improved my sleep quality :)
Here is a link to my favorite band, Coldplay's song: Viva La Vida.