Welcome to Brian Breslow's Webpage!

This is my first webpage. Thank you for coming to read it!
This webpage is on-going. I will continuously add additional info to my Personal-Presence.

Brian Breslow

Class of 2021

Finance, Strategy, & Real Estate

Short Bio:

Hello! My name is Brian Breslow!

I grew up in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, where I attended Ridge High School.
I played Ice Hockey for club and school, and while home, I serve on Liberty Corner Fire Company as a volunteer Firefighter.
I am currently a Senior at Boston University, studying Finance, Strategy, and Real Estate at the Questrom School of Business.

Activities and Interests:




Last March, when the height of the Covid19 pandemic was upon us, I knew I had to address my mental health.
Gyms were closed, shops were closed, classes were online, and it became increasingly more difficult to be
productive... both inside and outside the house. To take a step in the right direction, I tried something new.

I started to run. I had always been a gym rat, but the majority of these trips focused on lifting weights. With
this no longer a viable option, and with the indoor repitition driving me to insanity, I slowly fell into a routine.
At first my endurance was mediocre, but I kept at it, working up from 2 miles to 4, and then to 6. Before I knew it
I was clearing 10Ks multiple times a week, and finally felt strong enough to push myself harder. Eventually,
I worked my way up to a half marathon, which I finally achieved the second week of May, right after I completed my final exams.

While not an offical organization, the link the the right will redirect you to the informal body that oversees some of
my favorite running trails in San Francisco, CA.

The Presidio of San Francisco.
Investing has become something very important to me; beyond simply a way to generate financal wealth.
For me, investing in financial markets has become an incredibly exciting intellectual exercise. I've developed critical-thinking skills, a rigorous framework in which to test ideas, and a strategic mindset that helps me question the philosophy behind
decisions and events. I enjoy investing across asset types, but my expertise lies in Real Estate and Cryptocurrencies. I
greatly enjoy the equities markets as well, and while I admitedly spend the majority of my time there, I've recently really
begun stretching my cognitive muscles beyond that, engaging heavily with more exotic investment vehicles. The financial
is as diverse as it ever has been, and I immensely look forward to seeing how my generation continues to define it.

Links to the right will redirect to some of my favorite investing resources.

Real Estate.



Firefighting is incredibly close to my heart. To this day, it is still the most meaningful and important thing I have ever
engaged with. My grandfather was a firefighter in Iselin, NJ, so when I turned 16 years old (the youngest I could join legally)
I immediately joined my local volunteer department in Liberty Corner, NJ.

I've been fighting fire for over 5 years now, learning more about myself that way than any other lesson could. It remains the number one passion in my life, as the people I've met throught the fire service will always be family for the rest of my life.