Brian Nguyen

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My name is Brian Nguyen.
Class of 2022.
Studying Business Administration
at the Questrom School of Business
concentrating in Information Systems

Short Bio

Hello! I am Brian Nguyen. I am from Haverhill, MA, where I have lived my whole life before I started attending college.
My town is woodsy and has a lot of historical artifacts. George Washington used to get his shoes made in my hometown.
Once I set off on my college journey, I was a Biology Major on the Premed track. After a semester, I quit that and now I study Business!
I got to study abroad in London and do an in-person internship in New York. I have had a lot of fun in college.

Activites and Interests

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Pride In Business

I am the president of Pride In Business. Questrom's premier LGBTQ+ professional organization. We work to provide undergraduates students with professional development skills. We also connect with companies that have big pride ERGs and help our members get opportunities at those employers.
Pride In Business


I am vegan. I have been vegan for almost 2 years now. I started this diet after taking an ethics class that taught me about the commodification of animals and I felt gross knowing how humans have begun to view other living beings as products. I feel a lot healthier now.
Vegan Recipe Site


I began doing spin classes this summer. It has changed my life (for the time being) I used to use cardio as a way to relieve stress. However, I found running was difficult for a college student because I could not find the time to run. Soul Cycle is the perfect outlet for me to push myself and feel the burn during a 45 minute period. Its quick, easy, and is meditative.
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