Bryce Cohen

BU 2021

Film & TV

Short Bio

I am from Bridgewater Ma, just south of Boston. I cam to BU for its communications program. I chose to study film because I have always been interested in the industry and really enjoy creating work that people care about.

Activities and Interests

Water Polo

I am a Water Polo fanatic, who frequents USA Water Polo events. This includes the upcoming USA Water Polo event on June 23rd. Click HERE for more info.

Competetive Jig-sawer

I am the worlds greatest jigsaw puzzle solver. You may think you are a fast puzzle solver, but you've got nothing on me. The World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship was cancelled solely because of how much I dominate the sport.

Basket Weaver

When I am not swimming through the online Water polo forums, or making competitors cry with my jigsaw solving abilities, you can find me weaving the finest baskets of all time. There are no baskets comparable to the ones I create using my skilled jigsaw fingers. HERE you can view a collection of novels I have written on the subject.