My trip to Sao Paulo!

There are something like 136 photos here, so they're broken up into 10 sets/links. If you have any problems viewing them, please mail

Nippon Country Club, Claudio crashing, late meal at Chicohamburger

Lunch w/two pretty women, on to Liberdade

Ibirapuera, Patinha's playful pooch, churrascaria

Paulista Ave, MOVI organization mting at McD's

MOVI mting laughs

More MOVI laughs, Ibirapuera w/Elisa & Luciana

Claudio back to SF, SP museum with Emerson, lunch

Lunch gang, travels with Kiyoshi

Campos de Jordao, Centro w/Patinha

Street market, Patinha & mom, ice cream by the pound!