Casey Choung, Class of 2025, College of Communications

Short Bio

Casey Choung was born and raised in Great Neck, NY, on suburban Long Island. He played a lot of video games, and spent many summers at the local pool. At BU, Casey plans on studying journalism.

Activities and Interests

Activity Description Related Groups
Casey learned basketball from his dad, and played in youth leagues from a young age. Currently, he plays recreationally at the BU FitRec. Long Island Lightning
Casey began playing the greatest game of the 2010s when he was eight. He mostly played minigames like Skywars, Hunger Games, and Bedwars. He later began to play modded as well. Now, he's too busy to play, but eager to return. Favorite YouTuber
Casey began cooking regularly during middle school. While he is unable to cook now, he hopes to continue to keep his YouTube channel active. Please subscribe... Corey The Herbivore