CS 585 HW1

Here is my original image which I used for this assignment :

Here is the grayscaled image of my face above using this linear combination of BGR : 0.21*R + 0.72*G + 0.07*B

Average Blurring grayscale images by using 8 neigboring pixels.

Please find below the processing steps :

  1. Create an empty image with the same dimensions as the grayscale one, and pad it by two grayscale image for rows and columns.
  2. Fill this empty image(blurImage) with the content of the grayscale one, leaving the padding rows and columns empty.
  3. Iterate over each pixel in blurImage(double nested loops) and replace each value with the average of its 8 neighbors.
  4. Repeat the previous steps for each pass.

Here is the result for different passes :