Chen Liu

Chen Liu, class of 2022, Computer Science

Short Bio

I grew up in Beijing, China, and came to Boston University in 2019. I'm studying Conputer Science in BU. I took CS108 because I'm especially interested in web designing, and I think this is a good course for me to get start.

Activities and Interests

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Video Gaming - I really like to play video games that are challenging or meaningful. My favorite game is Dota2. I joined BU Gaming Club, and participated in BU Gaming League 2019 as a Dota2 Mid-Lane Player for a year. BU Gaming Club
Piano Playing - I started to study piano playing since I was 6. I love to play piano alone during leisure time and sometimes compose piano songs. I also participated in several piano competitions. Piano Competitions
Novel and Manga - I love to read Novels and manga. I like Sci-fi and Horror novels especially, and for manga I like those Japanese fighting manga. My favorite manga is My Hero Academia, and my favorite novel is Game of Thrones - A Song of Ice and Fire. Boston bookstore