Charalampos Mavroforakis

Email: (cmav instead of hashes)

Computer Science Department, MCS 135
Boston University
111 Cummington Mall
Boston, MA 02215


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Past projects

Setup and Administration of Lab's Computational Cluster

I am responsible for setting up and administrating a cluster of 14 machines that our lab acquired. The Cloudera distribution was installed on the machines and configured to be able to serve multiple users.

An extention to context tree weighting algorithms to problems involving categorical data and their relationship with Bayesian model selection (Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece)

During this project, I studied a family of algorithms known as "Context Tree Weighting" and I developed an efficient and fast implentation for it. After I completed my thesis, I worked on extending the theoretical framework to include categorical data and explored the application of this paradigm in Bayesian model selection. This work was funded by a "Basic Research (PEVE)" grant from AUEB, Greece.

Development of an annotated database of high-quality digital mammographic images

For this work, I closely collaborated with Dr. Nikolaos Dimitropoulos, MD, in order to gather high-quality (50μm, 12bit color, DICOM format) mammographic images from his "Senographe Essential" digital mammography system. The database was annotated using the BI-RADS mammography assesment protocol. This is the first free, online and fully annotated mammographic database at this quality level.

Using geometric Support Vector Machines to detect calcifications in heart CT scans (Computational Biomedicine Lab, UHouston)

In this project, I spent most of the time studying and implementing a new SVM algorithm, the geometric SVM. Following that, I employed this tool to detect and evaluate calcifications in the coronary arteries, using a large corpus of heart CT scans.