Coretta Granberry

Coretta Granberry, Class of 2021, Marine Science

A Short Bio

My name is Coretta and I am from Hudson, Massachusetts. I am a senior at BU studying Marine Science currently working on my senior thesis looking at coral-herbivore-algae dynamics on coral reefs!

Activities and Interests

I really like snorkeling and scuba diving. Here is a picture from an internship I did in Karimunjawa, Indonesia. I first got scuba certified in the summer of 2019, but haven't been able to dive since due to Covid. I have gone snorkeling in Belize, and a lot in coastal Massachusetts. Read about my trip to Indonesia here!
Youtube Channel
I have a Youtube channel that I started last year to document my career journey. I haven't uploaded in a while, but I still enjoy having it and I plan on getting back to it soon. Here is a link to one of my most popular videos
Marine Science Association
One of the other things I'm involved in is the Marine Science Association at BU! We are a group of ocean-loving people, but my job as President of the club is to find activities for us to do together, facilitate networking opportunities, and support underclassmen as they progress through their BU careers. Here is a picture from a beach cleanup we participated in with 4Ocean a few years ago. Check out our Facebook page!