Cheng Zhang

It's time for another round of Grad Student or Hobo

Research Interest

I am interested in applying mathematical techniques in Algebra and Logic to practical problems in Program Semantics, Program Logics, and Verification.

General Info

I am a Ph.D. candidate at Boston University working with Professor Marco Gaboardi.

My current research focuses on algebraic/equational understandings of program logic and semantics. In particular, I am currently interested in modelling program logics and semantics using extensions of Kleene Algebra.

I am also generally interested in Mathematics, Computer Science, and their intersections.

Curriculum Vitae

My CV is hosted on my GitHub:



  • 2020 Fall, CS 230: Principle of Programming Language, with Professor Marco Gaboardi and Lecture Abbas Attarwala
  • 2020 Summer, CS 111: Introduction to Computer Science 1, with Lecture John Magee
  • 2020 Summer, CS 112: Introduction to Computer Science 2, with Lecturer Christine Papadakis-Kanaris
  • 2020 Spring, CS 235: Algebraic Algorithm, with Professor Leonid Levin
  • 2019 Fall, CS 132: Geometric Algorithm, with Lecture Abbas Attarwala
  • 2019 Spring, CS 230: Principle of Programming Language, with Professor Wayne Snyder

Other Info

My first name (Cheng) is pronounced as:

My last name (Zhang) as is pronounced as:

My pronoun is he/him or gender-neutral they/them. But I personally will not be offended if mis-gendered or have my name mis-pronounced.