Finn Graham: Assignment 13


Finn Graham
Class of 2021
Economics Major

Short Bio:

I grew up in a small town in northern Massachusetts called West Newbury. I've been around Boston my whole life, so it was an easy choice to come to BU. I am currently a senior majoring in Economics, but I am also very interested in programming and information systems.

Activities and Interests:

Spending Time Outdoors

I really enjoy spending time in the outdooors, and the past year of covid has made me appreciate getting out even more, as I've been stuck quarantining in the city more than usual. I enjoy all kinds of activities such as hiking, skiing, and camping. My favorite place to go for these activities is New Hampshire.


Growing up around Boston, it was easy to get involved with sports considering the city's recent success in a variety of sports. I played many sports from a young age until high school. Now that I am getting older I have to settle for being more of a fan rather than playing, but I still haven't lost any enjoyment of the games.
  • A link to Boston Sports News.
  • Family / Friends

    Desite all the fun things I can imagine doing, my favorite thing to do is spend time with friends and family. Covid has kept me from seeing a number of relatives and friends, and it has really made me realize how much better experiences can be when your favorite people are around.