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Hello! I am a PhD candidate in the Boston University Department of Computer Science. I am fortunate to be advised by Adam Smith. For the first two years of my PhD, I was advised by Peter Chin and worked on applications of maching learning and compressed sensing. Before coming to BU, I was a data analytics consultant at Mu Sigma. Before that, I received a BS in Mathematics from Case Western Reserve University in 2015. My Senior Capstone project was advised by David Gurarie.

I do research on the theory of data privacy and machine learning. The outputs of data analysis depend on the details of individual data points, sometimes heavily. When is this necessary, and when can we avoid it? One of the ways I study these questions is through the lens of differential privacy, and here I focus on techniques for high-dimensional statistical problems. I also work on understanding when and why machine learning models memorize large amounts of training examples.

I deeply enjoy teaching, both in and out of the classroom. In 2020, I received a Teaching Fellow Excellence Award from the Computer Science Department.

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