Updated on: 1/24/2021

Website updated, my CV is located here

  • Hi, you have reached my personal website. I am a PhD candidate in the Computer Science department at Boston University.

  • my Curriculum Vitae
  • email: handong AT bu DOT edu

research interests

My research interests lie in the areas of distributed systems, high performance computing, and cloud computing. I am interested in exploring how HPC and the Cloud can coexist from an application and operating systems standpoint.




  • Dan Schatzberg, James Cadden, Han Dong, Orran Krieger, and Jonathan Appavoo. 2016. EbbRT: a framework for building per-application library operating systems. In Proceedings of the 12th USENIX conference on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI'16). USENIX Association, Berkeley, CA, USA, 671-688.