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My Name is Yuxuan Wang. This my portfolio about cyberbullying.

I had this idea for a long time when I first get to know about cyber violence and its harms. It was helpless when one does not have the strength to fight against people who do bullying online, so it’s necessary for everyone to understand the seriousness and universality the problem is. I hope that through my portfolio, more people could get to know about this “unimpressive” crime, and give a helping hand to people who are suffering.

To demonstrate my idea of my portfolio, I concluded 12 characteristics of cyber violence and present them in each of my work. In all my 12 works, I use symbolism rather than realism, and they all share some common, for example, the color of people. In all my 12 pieces, I color people in red to be victims, and people in purple as someone posing cyber bully. The color purple is similar to the paintings’ background, indicates that perpetrators are widespread and hard to detect. The color red with light orange, on the other hand, is more recognizable than purple, shows that the victims have become the target of public criticism. More details are shown in each of the pieces. For example, in my second piece, I depict the victim who is bullied through memes. As his head is being used on many pictures, people surrounding him is enjoying the memes, with their faces laughing or thumbs up. However, there is blood around them, indicate that it’s actually cyber violence.

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