Liz Harmison!

Liz Harmison
Business Administration

Short Bio!

I grew up outside of Baltimore, Maryland. I started BU as a Biology major on the pre-med track, until I did what most pre-med kids do and switched into Questrom. I really enjoy my Questrom classes and have absolutely loved my Marketing electives, especially Luxury Brands and Branding.

Activities and Interests!

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I love watching movies, especially new movies I haven't seen before. My roommate is in COM as a Film & TV major and so we have spent the past few weeks watching British period pieces from the 1940s.

Movie List

I really enjoy listening to music and every season I create a different playlist based on what I am listening to the most. Recently I have been listening to a lot of Faye Webster, Clairo, Mitski, and Tessa Violet.


I love cooking and going out to dinner at different restaurants in Boston. Last semester my roommate and I had Hello Fresh delivered every week and it definitley made me more interested in cooking than I had been before.

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