Hi! I'm Hannah.

Nice to meet you! Here's some information about me...

Photo Information

Name: Hannah Kinal
Class Year: 2021
Major: Information Systems (Questrom)

Short Bio...

My name is Hannah Kinal, and I'm currently a senior here at Boston University. I'm studying at the Questrom School of Business, and concentrating in IS, otherwise known as Information Systems. After I graduate I hope to find a job which allows me to work with lots of numbers and problem solving! I like to play a lot of games (video or board), and I love listening to lofi music.

Activities and Interests

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Bullet Journalling:

Creating your own planner from a blank page-- requires a lot of planning and meticulous execution. You can use whatever mediums suit you to do so; personally I prefer washi tape (a soft tape that sticks to paper but won't rip it), brush and felt-tip markers, and stickers. I like to make pages of my planner themed: for example, last week's spread was egg-themed.
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Pokemon Go:

Pokemon was a great part of my childhood, and it's kept up with me to this day! I play with my friends and with fellow players in the Boston community. The game regularly hosts events on certain days/times to collect rare pokemon/animals, and players tend to gather in certain public spaces we can walk around in, like Boston Common for example! It's a good way to get exercise and hang with friends.
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I started doing yoga in high school, and have continued to practice throughout college. It's a good way to relax and have some "you-time", and not to mention your body feels great afterwards. It's a slow and calming exercise which helps calm my worrisome mind. My favorite position is called "Ustrasana" or Camel pose. It's a backbend which allows the chest to open and breath to deepen.
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