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Streetlights and a river in osaka


Osaka is best known for its amazing casual food and outgoing locals. It's arguably Japan's street food capital, and among food lovers is famous for snacks including takoyaki and okonomiyaki. Osaka is also renowned for its lively, extroverted locals who make eating and drinking in Osaka an unforgettable experience.


As the designated city in the Kansai region of Honshu in Japan, it is the capital and the most populous city in Osaka Prefecture, and the third most populous city in Japan, following Tokyo and Yokohama (both located in the Greater Tokyo Area and the Kantō region).


With a population of 2.7 million in the 2020 census, it is also the largest component of the Keihanshin Metropolitan Area, the second-largest metropolitan area in Japan and the 10th largest urban area in the world with more than 19 million inhabitants.


Osaka is a major financial center of Japan, and it is recognized as one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in Japan. The city is home to the Osaka Exchange as well as the headquarters of multinational electronics corporations such as Panasonic and Sharp.


It is also an international center of research and development and is represented by several major universities, notably the Osaka University, Osaka Metropolitan University and Kansai University.

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Tokyo's skyline


Not only the capital city and economic as well as political center of Japan; Tokyo is also full of surprises waiting to be discovered by you.

Buddhist temple in Kyoto


Kyoto is famous for its numerous Buddhist temples, as well as gardens, imperial palaces, Shinto shrines and traditional wooden houses.

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