I am a Ph.D student in the computer science department at Boston University. My research advisor is Professor Charalampos (Babis) E. Tsourakakis and my academic advisor is Professor Assaf Kfoury. Currently, I'm working in algorithms and optimization. I graduated from American University of Beirut (AUB) in 2013 with a B.E. in electrical and computer engineering with a double minor in physics and philosophy. After that, I received a M.S. in physics in 2015 from AUB. My thesis was in the fields of cosmology and dark matter. Then, I received a M.S. in mathematics in 2016 from University of British Columbia. My thesis was in the fields of particle physics and quantum field theory. I published a paper where I built an inflationary cosmology from two different potentials, and restricted the parameters in order to be consistent with a 60 e-fold inflation, the fluctuation amplitude of the cosmic microwave background radiation, the red tilt in the spectral index, and gravitational waves.


I am interested in optimization, algorithms, and theoretical machine learning.