Isabel Amara Poetri

Name: Isabel
Class of 2025
Major: Communications (Undeclared)

Short Bio

I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently, I am studying Communications at BU.

Activities and Interests



Tennis is a racket sport that is played either between two people (singles) or 4 people (doubles). Each player holds a tennis racket that is used to hit a hollow rubber ball. The objective is to get it over the net but within the designated lines of the court. I have been playing tennis on and off since elementary grade. It has been a constant interest and activity in my life :)

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Watching Movies


Watching movies is the action of spending leisure time sitting down and watching a movie, which is some form of visual storytelling. Growing up, watching movies have always been something that I enjoy doing with my family, especially on the weekends. Even in university, I still enjoy watching new movies.

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Meeting up with friends

Meeting up

Meeting up with friends is the action of meeting up with other people and just talking, catching up on each others' life. I have always enjoyed talking to people and going to new places because through this activity, you not only get to catch up with your friends but you can end the day knowing that you did something and you learned something from your conversations :)

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