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Jamie Han, Class of 2021, Psychology Major

Short Bio

Jamie originally grew up in Southern California. Currently she is studying Psychology and sociology.
She chose her major due to an innate interest in how people think and what factors drive them to make decisions.

Activities and Interests


Jamie has been drawing since she was young and it's proven to be a large source of stress relief over
the years. Currently she is an eboard member of BU INC, a campus organization specializing in art.
  • Illustration Narrative Collaborative
  • Gaming

    Gaming is a fun past time for Jamie. Mainly, she mainly plays JRPGs and FPSs. Recently, she has been
    playing Genshin Impact.
  • Genshin Impact
  • Cooking

    Cooking was a pandemic hobby that arose out of boredom. However, trying out new recipes and feeding loved ones is
    fun and a good way to spend quality time.
  • Cooking Videos