Jane Limatu

Jane Limatu, Class of 2022, and Major in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and Management Information Systems (MIS)

Short Bio

I grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. Indonesia, officially the Republic of Indonesia, is a transcontinental country in Southeast Asia and Oceania between the Indian and Pacific oceans. It consists of over seventeen thousand islands, including Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, and parts of Borneo and New Guinea. Jakarta, Indonesia's massive capital, sits on the northwest coast of the island of Java. At Boston University, I study Finance and Management Information Systems in the Questrom School of Business.

Activities and Interests

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Within BU, I am part of a Boston aKDPHi, an asian interest sorority. We have lots of events such as monthly fundraisers and we do lots of volunteer work on the weekend.
One activity that I really enjoy doing is baking pastries. I started baking during the start of quarantine and it become on of my favourite activities until today. I think baking is a really great way for me to destress and I enjoy giving my friends and families treats. Some of my favourite pastries to bake are cream cakes and madeleines.
In my free time, I enjoy playing the piano. I played piano growing up and started playing competitively at around the age of 12. I joined many recitals and competitions and have since polished my piano skills. Now, I play piano daily just as a way to destress myself after a long day.
  • Here a link if you want to learn how to play the piano.