What do a Math (and Econ) major, CS Major, and Graphic Design Major have in common? Academically speaking, there isn't much overlap. We all have our own academic paths, whether we are only beginning or nearing the end. Come explore our portfolios, and see what academic diversity we have to offer. Each page is dedicated to one portfolio for the three of us. We encourage you to explore them all, but also understand if you would like to avoid the Math major's portfolio.

The Graphic Design Major: Alexandra

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Alexandra Purdy is a Freshman at Boston University pursuing a degree in Graphic Design. She likes long walks on the beach, sunsets, oh and also art. Her forte is portraiture, but any assignment regarding realism is right up her alley. Take a look at her page to see her artwork and what she’s been up to recently!

Alexandra standing by a lake.

The Econonmics and Math Major: Jenna

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Jenna Peters is a Junior at Boston University and Pursuing a degree in Economics and Mathematics as well as a minor in Computer Science. When she isn't ridiculously busy with her ridiculous major she likes to read books about Economics. Visit her page to read musings about and work in Economics, Math and CS.

Jenna sitting at a table

The Computer Science Major: Isabelle

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Isabelle Ki is a freshman at Boston University pursuing a degree in computer science. When she's not busy studying she enjoys deep-diving into the world of cryptocurrency, making coffee and attending her spin classes, as well as studying long and hard, she enjoys travel and trying new foods.