Welcome to my Portfolio! The following are my favorite pieces that I've created throughout the last couple years. Although art has mainly been a hobby of mine, when college applications rolled around I decided to give it a proper try. Portfolio requirements and class assignments were the cause of a massive increase in art production during my senior year, but I'm incredibly proud of what I've created during that period.

I so excited to continue studying art at Boston University and expand my portfolio over the next four years!

A Gallery of my Work

Just the Highlights!


The materials I work with


When creating my pieces, I prefer to use watercolor paper or bristol paper. My two favorite kinds of paper are Fabriano Watercolor Paper and Strathmore Bristol Paper

Colored Pencils!

My preferred medium is colored pencil, and although I use a lot of different brands, here are my favorites! Caran d'Ache Luminance Colored Pencils and Prismacolor Colored Pencils


Although I'm not a big painter, I sometimes find myself using paints along with other mediums for some of my projects. When I do end up using paint, I like to use Liquitex Basics Acrylic

line drawing

As my first semester at BU comes to a close, I'd like to highlight the work I've been creating in my foundational drawing class.

The primary focus of this drawing class is to create all of our compositions without value, only using line. This was initially very challenging for me, especially because I am so comfortable with colored pencil! Luckily I was able to overcome this and have recently been incredibly content with the work I've been creating

The drawing pictured was a two-session drawing, each session being 3 hours in class. Having a live model is something I never had the opportunity to experience during highschool, and it definitely has helped me grow as an artist.

I can't wait to continue creating and seeing where these classes take me!