Julia Oliveri Orioles

A little bit about me

Julia Oliveri Orioles
Class of 2021
Business Administration

Short Bio

I grew up in Rome, Italy. I am currently studying Marketing and Management Information Systems at Questrom School of Business.

Activities and Interests

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Phi Chi Theta at BU

On campus, I am part of an organisation called Phi Chi Theta. It is a co-ed professional business fraternity. I joined this organisation because I wanted to develop my professional skills as well network with the upperclassmen. Throughout my stay, I was able to join various internal teams and strengthened my marketing skills.
You can learn more about Phi Chi Theta at BU here!

Playing Among Us with friends

As Covid-19 has greatly impacted my freedom to engage in outdoors activities, I found this game and play a lot of times with my friends. In the game, you and your friends are completing different tasks. However, one of them is an impostor who can kill the other players. The objective is to finish your tasks before the impostor kills you, or find out who the impostor is by discussing with the other players and vote out whoever is suspicious.
I usually play this game with my friends on Discord, so that we can communicate easily and discussing who the impostor is.

Baking Banana Bread and other Desserts

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to pick up my hobby for baking pastries. One of my favorite desserts to bake was banana bread with chocolate chips. I also was able to bake chocolate chip cookies and corn bread. That was actually my first time baking and eating corn bread, and it was delicious. When I run out of ideas I look up for new recipes on the New York Times Cooking Website.
You can explore more baking recipes on the New York Times Cooking Website.