Juntao's Final Pre


Introduction to my work in this summer

  • Fix some bugs and Implement some functions in PatternFly. Add accessibility and test cases for the components I worked on.
  • Integrate Notification Drawer from PatternFly into OpenShift.
  • Implement the column management modal for several pages in OpenShift.
  • Help onboard non-UXD team members onto PatternFly.
  • Present on PatternFly community meeting and OpenShift sprint.

The project I want to talk about in detail today

The project is about the Notification Drawer component in both OpenShift and PatternFly. And in this project I did the following things.

  • In OpenShift:
    • Integrate the Notification Drawer component from PatternFly into OpenShift.
    • Override some styles in OpenShift.
    • Add some accessibility functions.
    • Create some test cases for unit tests. (use Jest and Enzyme)
  • In PatternFly:
    • Fix some accessibility issues and Add some accessibilty functions.
    • Simplify the usage of the Notification Drawer in the doc.
    • Create some test cases for integration tests. (use Cypress)
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