Traveler's Diary

Awesome experiences while traveling by one who loves to travel.

My thoughts about travel

I like to travel. I love having totally new experiences in somewhere unfamiliar. There are many types of traveling. For me, I like random stuff....

I do have a plan, but those are just wish lists or few of the must-see sights which are fine if I don't end up doing that. I do not get annoyed when my things don't go as plan while I am traveling. Also I don't make specific plan.

I think the main point of traveling is to have those strong feelings derived from something new. So I strongly think that you don't have to stick to plan. It is totally fine if I don't see some must-see sights. It is "I" who is in charge and no one is forcing you to see or do something when you travel. Sometimes I see people get disappointed because things did not go as they wished during the trip and get annoyed, thinking that the trip was a failure. I personally don't feel that way. When somethings go wrong, maybe you have to think about the reason why you are in travel.

One of the methods I travel is to use maps. Especially Google maps. Nowdays, it is so easy to search for the places that you must go. With some knowledge about famouse places, I just open the Google maps and explore. Look around the city I will visit, look how the roads are arranged, look at the districts, and look at the paths I should use. Then, click to random stores, places and eventually I find some awesome places. So it is like a treasure hunts, finding hidden jams. Bookmark those places and just walk wherever you want with map and I think that is really fun. If it sounds interesting to you, try it.