CS585 Homework 1 Part 3 (Personal Webpage)

Original Image - Shape of image: (720, 1280, 3)

Original face image taken for HW1

Original Face

Converting image to grayscale

To convert the original RGB image, I averaged the RGB values to make the image 1D (720, 1280) instead of 3D (720, 1280, 3)

Grayscale Image

Custom modification to grayscale image (Flipping and blurring)

Two modifications were done in this image. First, I flipped the entire grayscale image by flipping the values from top to bottom using Python index operations (image[::-1,::-1]). Second, I blurred the image, by averaging each pixels 10 closest neighbors to the right and using this as the new pixel value for the position. If there is an out of bounds occurance, the pixels 10 closest neighbors to the left were used instead. This method was done 20 times for a noticeable blur.

Custom modification
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