Krish Patel

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Krish Patel
Class of 2021
Business Major CS Minor


Short Bio:

I am currently a senior studying Business and Computer Science at Boston University. Post graduation I will be applying these skills at Accenture as a tech consultant.

I was born in Philidephia, however I moved to Boston before my first birthday, so I consider myself born and raised Massachusuetts.


Activities and Interests

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I am involved with a dance group, BU Fatakada on campus where we practice and spread cultural awareness of a traditional dance style of raas garba. Raas garba originates from Gujurat, India. BU Fatakada
I am an avid fan of hiking. During a summer in San Francisco I had hiked various different mountains and hills to get an amazing view of nature. In Massachusuetts, I love going to go hike at Blue Hills as it is a 10 minute drive from me. Blue Hills is 125 miles of trail that will take you through hills, marshes, meadows, and more! Blue Hills Hiking
Another activity that I am interested in is skydiving. Going with the theme of outdoor activities, I am also a fan of extreme sports. I love having surreal experiences such as skydiving. Once of my favorite places I have skydived is in San Francisco. I got lucky enough to be on the last dive, where I got to witness the sun set while I was falling down. Bay Area Skydiving