Kolade Adegbaye

Student, Freelance Web Developer at Boston University

Name: Kolade Adegbaye

Profile: Boston University Sophmore

Email: koladea@bu.edu

Phone: (215)989-9752


HTML 70%
CSS 70%
Python 75%
Java 55%
About me

I am currently a sophomore at Boston University in Boston. I am originally from Nigeria and I have lived in Canada and the United States.

I got interested in Computer Science in high school after I took a Computer Science course. I started learning through scratch an online programming tool perfect for introducing people to programming. Although I learned a bit, I was interested to know what else I could do with code. This motivated me to take on the challenge and try Computer Science in college. I took my first programming course and realized this is for me. I really enjoyed trying to solve problems efficiently.

I am now currently majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Business Administration with high goals of creating a business that impacts the CS field and the world in positive ways


A look into my experience in the Computer Science field


Kolachalama Laboratory at the Boston Univerisity School of Medicine
Contribute to creating a multitask system using python that analyzes Brain MRI through image processing, table processing and modelling to determine the most dominant brain disease
Modified several python programs enabling faster efficiency in daily project tasks such as image processing


ID Tech
Teach students between the age of 7-16 in programming courses such as Python and Machine learning, Java, and programming in Roblox Studio
Model and modify lesson plans for each course depending on student’s learning level and course level

Promotional Officer/Mentor

Boston University Computer Science Ambassadors
Manage a four-person committee of ambassadors in all club promotional activities and content including creating the club website, creating promotional graphics
Mentor a freshman and assist in navigating through their first year in college