Kristy Ho

Picture of me About me
Kristy Ho, Class 2020, Major: Business Administration

Short Bio

My name is Kristy Ho. I am from Queens, New York. I am a junior studying Business Administration in the Questrom School of Business concentrating in Finance and Information Systems. After graduation, I would like to work in a big corporate company, specifically a bank because I am intersted in the financial services industry.

Activities and Interests

Activity/Interest Description of the Activity Organizations
I like to get involved in campus and take on leadership positions. I like to give tours to prospective students and talk about my experience at Boston Univeristy. I like interacting with new people! I am involved in Questrom Dean's Host.
I became intersted in Finance in high school. This led me to join Finance and Investment Club in college. I researched multiple companies within the consumer goods sector and presented to the E-board of the club whether to invest in the company or not. I am involved in Finance and Investment Club.
I like to cook and bake alot. Over quanratine, I started to cook and bake a lot more. I like baking alot because I have a big sweet tooth and I love to eat the desserts that I make. A link to a website that I want to get involved in is Spoon University.