Linda Pham

Picture About Me
  • Name: Linda Pham
  • Class Year: Sophomore (2023)
  • Major: Marine Science

Short bio:

Hello! My name is Linda and I grew up in Boston, MA. I am currently studying marine science at Boston University. Growing up, I was always fascinated with the beach and the ocean. I hope to become a marine biologist one day so that I can learn more about the wonderful ocean.

Activities & Interests:

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I love to bake in my free time. Whenever I have some time to spare, you would most likely find me in the kitchen. I love trying and testing out new recipes. I have made countless cookies, cakes, brownies and many other things.
Haley House Cafe


I usually volunteer within my community. I often rotate where I volunteer but the places that I like the most are Red Cross, Haley house and BPS. In volunteering, I would help with whatever task is being held. Sometimes that is volunteering at a blood drive, running a food drive, etc.
Red Cross


Since Boston is such a big city (not really), I like to go exploring. I am always on the lookout for new resturants to go to and new places to visit. Besides exploring Boston, I love to explore other places when I travel. I also like to take lots of pictures and keep it as memories.
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