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Larissa Spinelli
PhD Candidate


Larissa Spinelli is a senior Ph.D. candidate in the Computer Science Department at Boston University working under the supervision of Professor Mark Crovella. She is expected to defend her Ph.D. thesis by Summer 2019.

Originally from Natal, Brazil, she graduated from Federal University of Rio Grande de Norte UFRN in 2009 with a Computer Science major. As an undergraduate student, she has been actively engaged in various curricular and extra curricular projects including research, teaching, and technical training. The Tutorial Education Program (PET) in Computer Science has been one of those leading undergraduate research and mentoring support schemes she was involved. She also attended an eighteen-month technical course on Computer Networks at Federal Center of Technological Education of Rio Grande de Norte CEFET-RN in Brazil. Larissa worked at Motorola Brazil Test Labs as part of an internship program of a nine month complementary course on Test Analysis at the Federal University of Pernambuco UFPE (Brazil). In addition to these experiences in research and training she successfully completed an internship program in the Sun Campus Ambassador Program at Sun Microsystems Brazil.

Larissa received her MS degree in 2011 from the System Engineering and Computer Science Program at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (COPPE/UFRJ)- Brazil. As a graduate student, she joined the Laboratory for Modelling, Analysis, and Development of Networks and Computer System LAND. This research conducted under the supervision of Professor Daniel Ratton Figueiredo, covered areas such as Complex Networks, Network Modeling, and Performance Evaluation.
A major component of her research during the MS studies has been the inquiry of the De-anonymity Problem in Complex Networks. Subsequently, she published a paper titled "Characterization and Identification of Roles in Connection Networks"(in Portuguese) in 2010. She also presented a poster "Characterization and Identification of Roles in TCP Connection Networks" in IFIP Performance 2010. Eventually, these combined research efforts led her to complete her Master Thesis "Characterization and Identification of Vertices and Roles in Connection Networks and Random Graph Models" (in Portuguese) published in August 2011. In addition to her graduate research activities, Larissa worked for three months at INRIA - Sophia Antipolis - France leading specific research activities on CCN Caches problems.

Larissa worked on several projects as an advanced graduate student at Boston University. Particularly, she led a project on statistical analysis of networking data, where she proposed a new methodology to disambiguate router alias using trace-route measurements. This research was published at the Global Internet Symposium 2013 under the title "AliasCluster: A Lightweight Approach to Interface Disambiguation". In parallel to the research activities, she also worked as an intern at Verisign Labs in a project aiming at detecting DNS anomalies.
Over the last years at Boston University PhD program, she explored other research areas including thought modelling and data analysis on the opinion dynamics. Consequently, she published the paper "Closed-Loop Opinion Formation" at the WebSci 2017. Her presentation of this research showed how the dynamical systems composed of users and recommender systems behave, as each element evolves in time. Her particular contribution to this field has centered on the systematic effects of recommender systems on the user opinion.
Furthermore, Larissa investigated over-time variation of online ratings. Using a set of tools, she elucidated different factors - such as platforms characteristics, user population and, item type - role in the dynamic of these ratings. This work was presented and published at the International Symposium on Social Media Mining and Analysis (SMMA) in June 2018 under the title "Unravelling the Dynamics of Online Ratings".
In her latest project, she is leading a research focusing on some recommendations dynamics on the YouTube platform.

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