Luowen Qian

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I am a first-year Ph.D. student at Boston University. I am very fortunate to have Ran Canetti as my advisor. My research interest includes cryptography, quantum computation, and other aspects of theoretical computer science in general.



  1. Tight Quantum Time-Space Tradeoffs for Function Inversion
    Kai-Min Chung, Siyao Guo, Qipeng Liu, Luowen Qian
    FOCS 2020 [ECCC]
  2. Lower Bounds for Function Inversion with Quantum Advice
    Kai-Min Chung, Tai-Ning Liao, Luowen Qian
    ITC 2020 [arXiv]
  3. Adaptively Secure Garbling Schemes for Parallel Computations
    Kai-Min Chung, Luowen Qian
    TCC 2019 [ePrint]


  1. Beating Classical Impossibility of Position Verification
    Jiahui Liu, Qipeng Liu, Luowen Qian
  2. Nonuniform Linear Depth Circuits Decide Everything
    Luowen Qian
    For April Fool's day, 2020 [viXra]


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