Ashley Li

Personal Photo Basic Info
Name: Ashley Li
Class Year: Class of 2021
Major: Business Administration (Accounting & Finance Concentrator)

Short Bio

My name is Yun Li, going by Ashley. I grew up in Shanghai, China and came to the States four years ago for the first time for college.
I am a Questrom major with a dual concentration in Accounting and Finance. I am also pursuing a minor in Psychology.

Activities and Interests

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Marathon Running

Great stress reliever for me. Usually run in the morning. I am a casual runner so I am not involved in any marathon organizations. The provided link is a link to Boston Athletic Association.


I have been playing badminton since a very young age. Used to play on high school competitive team. Since I came to BU, I have been involved in BU badminton club on a regular basis.


Earned my Level 10 Sketching Certificate. Now only draw for fun. I am not actually involved in BU Art Club. The link is only provided for reference.