Mateo Gomez

Mateo Gomez - Class of 2021 - BSBA with concentrations in Strategy & Operations

Short Bio

I grew up in Medellin, Colombia, where I spent all my life until moving to Boston.
There, I went to a Catholic school where I constantly practiced Tennis, comepetited in Soccer, and deepened my interest in business and economics.

In BU, I started as an Economics major, until trasfering to Questrom secon semester freshmen year
In Questrom, I cultivated my interest on entrepreneurship and leadership, founding the Colombian Student Association

Activities and Interests

Activity Description Link
Ski is a winter sport practiced all over the northern hemisphere, with several variations from alpine ski to crosscountry.
I have been practicing Alpine skiing for 4 years since I first arrived in Boston.
Here is a link to Epic Pass
tennis is a sport that derives from badminton and other raquet sports, involving 2 to 4 players in a court whose surface could be clay, grass, or concrete
I have been practicing tennis since I was 5 years old, and continue playing in a regulat basis.
Here is a link to The Miami Open
Wakeboard is a watersport where an individual rides a board on water, while being pulled by a boat or jetski.
I have been practicing Wakeboard for 3 years, after a friend introduced me to it in Colombia.
Here is a link to Wake Scout