About Me: Max Marrinan

Image of Myself:
Max Marrinan, Class of 2024, Economics

Short Bio:

Hello, I'm Max Marrinan and I grew up in Newton, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. I am studying economics at Boston University with a minor in Statistics. I'm currently 20 years old.

Activities and Interests:

My favorite activity is playing Basketball. Although my parents did not play basketball, my interest in the game lead my to learning it myself when I was 7. I play basketball with my friends when the weather permits it. When I have the time, I play pickup games at the gym or shoot around at the park. Here is a link to the NBA: https://www.pgatour.com/
I have been playing the Trombone for about 5 years and love to play it in my free time. I originally played the Euphonium(which I still do) but my high school band teacher convinced me to pick up the Trombone in my Sophmore year. I have been able to play both jazz and classical since. Here is a link to Jazz at Lincoln Center: https://2021.jazz.org/
I began doing competitive debate in my freshman year of high school. The form of debate I did in high school was called Public Forum debate. I was very into researching the specific topics and finding unique arguments to be made on each side. I continue to do debate at BU in the BU debate society. Here is a link to National Speech and Debate Assocation: https://www.speechanddebate.org/