Tips and Tricks

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

Short Term vs Long Term Goals

Short term goals are those that can be achieved in the next week or month. Long term goals are usually bigger goals that take a greater amount of time to complete. It's good to have a mix of short term goals and long term goals. Cater goals to what YOU want to do. No goal is too big or too small.

Different Types of Goals

Think of the different aspects of your life and determine what you want ot achieve in each aspect. It doesn't have to be just academically or work related! The following are some goals that I have set for myself to give you some inspiration.

  • Fitness: be able to do a push up, complete an unassisted pull-up, run a 25 min 5k, do a middle split
  • Academic: get straight A's, study at least 3 days in advance for an exam, read 2 chapters of a fun book each day, learn financial modeling
  • Extracurricular: improve watercoloring, finish learning a jazz song on the piano, learn how to dance

Being consistent with goals

Now that you have set your goals, you need to remember to follow through with them! Break down each goal into smaller achievable steps for each day, to help make a big task easier to complete.

  • Write down goals to have yourself constantly reminded of them.
  • Keep your goals hanged up somewhere that you can easily see.
  • Tell your friends and family about your goals. It can help you feel accountable.
  • Enjoy the process of taking steps to achieve what you want!