Tips and Tricks

How to Effectively Learn

Break your learning content into chunks

To make studying less intimidating, you can break down your content into smaller sections. This helps you understand the specific details of each topic, as well as having a stronger foudnation for the overall main ideas.

Find the repetition technique that works for you

Each person learns differently, so you will need to observe how you remember things best. Learning involves a lot of repeating to remember information. Thus, the following are some ways you can experiment.

  • Seeing: Some people remember things best when seeing the content in their mind, such as imagining charts, graphs, or images. These people may study best by reading and watching videos.
  • Listening: Some like to learn thorugh lectures, where they like to hear the information. They may also like to repeat he information to other people, where teaching is another effective method of learning.
  • Doing: A hands-on approach, where you like to do what you are being taught. This is especially effective in knowledge that involves tangible skills, like conducting labs or creating art.

Keep distractions to a minimum

One of the best tips for studying is to stay focused and remove distracting elements around you. Studies have shown that the brain cannot multi-task: doing multiple things at a time will only lead to shallow work. You should dedicate time to one task at a time to really process what you are doing.

  • Get rid of your phone! Put it in anoter room, turn off notifications, put it on airplane mode, or get an app that limits your screen time.
  • Find a quiet place to study. While cafes may be energizing, it can lead to slower, more shallow work, when compared to a library. However, this all still depends on what you prefer.
  • Make sure your peers are on the page as you. Is this an engaging group study, or is this a serious studying, no-talking session? Communicate your goals as a group, and support each other through your goals!