Michelle Zhou

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Michelle Zhou, Class of 2022, Business Administration

Short Bio

I grew up in Shanghai, China. Due to my father's overseas business, we did not relocate back to Princeton, New Jersey until I was 12 years old. I went to an american international school and that is where I learned to speak fluent English. At BU, I am currently studying Business Administration concentrating in Marketing and Information Systems.

Activities and Interests

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Playing Tennis

I have played tennis ever since I was 10. My interest started when it was a frequent gym class activity that we had. After learning tennis for a couple of years, I joined the school varsity team and played mostly girls double. I also love watching tennis Grand Slams. It has actually become a family activity in my house where we watch all four Grand Slams every year.

Doing Corepower Yoga

I started Corepower Yoga in Boston last year as a sophomore in college. I started because I feel like I lacked the amount of exercise that I needed. It was also necessary for me to find time to relax and recover from the load of school work that I had. Normally, I go three to four times a weeks.


Ever since quarantine started, it can start to get boring especially since I have been home for over six months. During my spare time, the best way to get some exercise in and relax is by renting a single kayak and chill on the Delaware Canal for an hour. It has become an activity that I perform very often now.