CS235 - Algebraic Algorithms - Spring 2021


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There are two deadlines for the homework, namely, the first deadline is a week after the date when the HW is assigned, and the second one is the next class after the first one. Both deadlines are strictly at the beginning of classes.

There is a homework premium in this class. This means that if you submit your homework on the first deadline, you will receive some extra credits (i.e. the premium). If you turn in your work on the second deadline, you will receive no extra credits but also no penalties. With that being said, there are two cases:

All of these provisions may occasionally change and will be annouced in class.

Unfortunately, any submissions after the second deadline will not recieve any credit.


If you plan to attend the discussion in person, then you have to go to the one that you registered. On the contrary, if you plan to attend remotely, then you can hop on to the Discussion Zoom link at any section you prefer.


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