I'm a PhD candidate at Boston University working with Manos Athanassoulis. My research interest are in machine learning, data mining, and high performance computing. Prior to Boston University, I was at the University of Minnesota where I graduated Magna Cum Laude in Computer Engineering. During my time there I was interested in biomedical research with Vladimir Cherkassky and Bin He.


Latest News


ENDURE: A Robust Tuning Paradigm for LSM Trees

Authors: Andy Huynh, Harshal A. Chaudhari, Evimaria Terzi, Manos Athanassoulis

(VLDB 2022). LSM-tree based storage engines are frequently tuned for performance with assumptions on the expected workloads, however, if future workloads in production deviates too far from the expected, these engines can experience heavy performance cliffs. We augment the tuning process to be robust to these perturbations in workloads.

OakDB: Robust Paritioning on Column Stores

Authors: Andy Huynh, Manos Athanassoulis

Paritioning is a common optimization used in column-stores, however, the decision of where to draw boundaries is easily susceptible to workload drift. We have been building OakDB, a column store that considers drifting workloads in the partitioning decision. Fun fact, robust comes from the latin root robur, the latin word for oak.