All about Nazly!

Nazly Ramadan
Class of 2023
Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, & Genetics

Short Bio

I was born in Cairo, Egypt in 2001. That same year, I moved overseas to a small suburb near New York City called Rye, New York.
After growing up there for 8 years and completing preschool and K-2nd grade at a public school, I moved back to the big city of Cairo in 2009.
I continued my education at an international school and graduated in 2019. After being accepted to BU, I began pursuing my B.A. in Biology
with a specialization in Cell/Molecular Biology & Genetics and a minor in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies that same year.

Activities and Interests

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I have always loved music. I played tenor saxophone in highschool band and now focus on guitar and singing. I like to
songwrite and am currently familiarizing myself with producing music on Ableton. I am currently in an indie pop band
called GrayWorld and we just released our first single.


I have also always loved sports. I started playing soccer at 6 years old and played for 12 years. I played professionally
on a club team in the Egyptian Women's Premier League and on the U17 and U20 Egyptian National Teams. I pursued softball
and a bit of basketball in highschool. I am currently invested in martial arts, taking boxing and taekwondo PDP classes
at the FitRec. In my free time, I also love to skateboard.
Playing Soccer

Video Games

When I was very young, my two older brothers introduced me to video games and it has been one of my favorite pass times
ever since. I started off playing on various Pokemon and Zelda games on the Nintendo GameCube and GameBoy Color.
Nowadays, I PC game and enjoy playing online coop games to stay in touch/bond with my brothers who are overseas.
My Steam